tumblr_mjlx8yzqNA1rz4u3so1_500I’ve been sleeping long periods of time the past few days. Remus too. We went and laid down at 6pm two nights in a row, woke a couple hours later, ate dinner, read a few minutes and went right back to sleep by 10pm until the next morning. I’m worse than Remus about sleeping; I’ve had morning naps and even afternoon naps the past three days as well. Guess we’ve got a bug of some kind…

Both of us agree how nice it’s been just to snuggle and have very quiet time together. Often there are things demanding time and attention and we both cherish time to just be together with no distractions. Laying in bed doing the jumble in the news paper or listening to music while we doze is so nice.

Only trouble is, it’s been glorious weather the past couple days. Well…it has been if you aren’t hankering to use your winter sporting gear; which I am. If you just want to enjoy being outside in a light jacket, you’re all set. I’m excited about that part. I’ve really been enjoying going out in a sweater only, but I expect it won’t last. Somehow I suspect we’re going to have an incredibly cold, snowy spring before summer happens suddenly. It will be interesting to see if I’m right…I hope I am if only to get to use my brand new snow shoes which haven’t been out of the bag as yet!

Now what to serve an irritable stomach for lunch…? *smiles*

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