I just moved four posts to trash. Seemed a good time to do a burning bowl. That’s helpful.

I am spending a good deal of time turning my attention away from certain situations that shall remain nameless at the moment and toward happy, constructive situations…It is a good practice. But exhausting.

I’ve been cleaning. That’s always a helpful task when I’m upset, as I have been so much lately. Not only does my place feel better, but I do too. It is not quite as spiffy as I usually have it in terms of dusting, but it’s neat and clean.

Remus and I have not been having sex of late because I’ve not been feeling well. Today, we had some time together with a toy. It was sweet and much needed erotic release and emotional connection. I really needed it and so did he.

He’s doing taxes and I’m doing homework. We’re both trying to ignore Bellatrix being home. Despite my internal struggles, life is sweet and I’m very grateful.

If you think of it, send healing my way? Not feeling so great these days…

2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along…

  1. I certainly send healing your way, sweet friend, and love and peace as well. *smiles*

    Today I received your card, perfect timing… It’s so lovely to be able to hold something real in hand. Thank you.

    (((big hugs)))


    1. I was just thinking about you…wondering if you got my package or not yet. Last time it took quite awhile. It is sweet to know it is there. Love and warm hugs…*smiles*

      Thank you for the healing too!


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