tumblr_mqlce8WLc21rsj72ao1_500Remus and I banter. Most people do sooner or later if the company is savored and well liked.Remus and I really enjoy each other’s company and we have very similar humor. We like to play with words and we tease each other about misspoken words, about eccentric viewpoints (we both have some, especially me) and anything bdsm and power exchange oriented. It is a long teasing conversation that is dropped and picked up as we go along in this happy friendship we’ve begun.

I’ve taken to telling him he’s cute.

Mostly I want him to know he’s desirable. It is good for the manly self esteem yanno…*winks*

Sometimes I just tell him he’s cute to see if he’s listening…to check to see if he’s feeling very domly that day.

When he does, he’ll say very dryly something like this: “Domly Dudes are not supposed to be cute!”

He’ll get a gleam in his eyes that indicates spankings could happen at any moment and it will thrill me and I’ll laugh out loud with anticipation and delight that I got a Domly response. (There’s always a domly response in him, but he doesn’t bother wearing it on his sleeve all the time.)

And it is always “Domly” because we both think it is funny to call it that and because he’s no need to take himself too seriously. Why should he if he’s unquestionably in charge after all? *winks*

Last’s night’s thrilling laughter was met with a sharply humorous glance paired with, “Think that’s funny?”

“Yup…”…I like to be flippant. Did I mention?

“And goofy too. I think you’re goofy.”

“Domly Dudes are not goofy either. Never goofy.”, says He in his mock stern voice.

That got more giggles, before he returned to relaxing with his “answer box”.  We’ve decided we like to do crossword puzzles together and we often use his phone to look stuff up when we are stalking clues. I returned to my book when I heard his phone make the sounds it makes when he’s playing scrabble online with his wife, smiling at him enjoying his moment to relax before going out again for the evening.

Later that evening, I teased him again and he decided to teasingly annoy me by slapping his hands back and forth between my breasts, grabbing my hair to hold my head still for a deep kiss…I melted and he commented on it and said, “There! See? Domly Dudes are NOT cute!”

I concurred (and do still concur). *winks and smiles* ” They are cute Domly Dudes with a goofy sense of humor. Toetallee. Ayuh. I know this ‘cus I’m feckin shmaaht Yesshuh!!” *says I in my best smart ass Maine brogue.(Not really. I said something else he thought was quite funny, but this is a common enough and very humorous response for me to make, which he gets a kick out of and makes a very good story for all of you.)

He burst out laughing…and kissed me again in Domly Dude fashion paired with tickling that started me squealing and begging…

Yanno, even our conversations are fun and sexy…and sex only gets more fun than that!


2 thoughts on “Bantering

    1. Ooh…Hey there good friend! I am so happy for you two having such a lovely trip! It was great to get a text from you too! I thought it might make a nice welcome home. *smiles* Big hugs to you!!


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