tumblr_mpb4h6Xjxk1rrgft7o1_500I woke up happy today. Not more happy than usual, but with an eagerness to share that happiness. I immediately text, “Happy Tuesday!” to everyone in my phone address book from the letters A-Da. I ended up cheering several people who were having a down day…and shared some nice advice about some things I have more experience with than one person I chattered with. That felt rewarding… and so did hearing from an old friend I haven’t spoke to in a long while or seen.

I fixed lunch for Remus, did the dishes, tended the fire, and got out my stationery to write letters to family and friends. It felt good to do that. It’s been on my tadoo list for months. I also put together a package for my brother and gathered up stuff I intend to give to a friend.

I can actually say that all of my belongings are here in one location and that it all fits. I don’t have tons of extra stuff and I’ll have even less when I finish going through old papers, pictures and finish giving away the things I’m saving for next summer and for my next visit to Maine. I take some satisfaction in that…*smiles*

Just chillaxing today listening to tunes and watching the rain out the window. My furry roommates seem content today too.

Yesterday was another good day. I finally got out my beads. I haven’t started working on my project yet, but I have the stuff handy. Feels good to see it sitting there waiting for my attention.

I am so enjoying my vacation. In a couple weeks my new classes will start for spring semester. I already got a nice note from one instructor which I am happy to read. She seems like a neat person already. It makes me look forward to the course.

Life is good here…It is nice to have very little to report. It is nice to enjoy sharing goodness with others…Hope you all have a fabulous day too!

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