tumblr_mr2052cy931rrgft7o1_500I finished all my school work. Yay!!

Take a minute and relish that with me will ya?

I now have nearly 6 weeks to relax. It’s been a year since I last have some real time to just relax. I’ll be more than ready to get back to work on my degree before the time comes, but right now, I’m enjoying the fact that after a grueling few weeks with classes and social obligations, travel and sometimes not feeling well, I was exhausted. I slept in until 10 am. Nearly unheard of for me. I woke feeling happy and joyful though. Life is good. I have a happy home, good friends and I did well in my classes again this semester. I have met some deeply cherished personal goals in the past week too. And my health is going well despite stress. I am having fun with my life. There have been many years in the not too distant past when life was all too frequently not fun.

I think that life will hold further challenges and even loss. That’s life…but I’ve changed. I’m deeply happy and it has nothing to do with any particular person, nor with circumstances. I am just happy. Quietly, bubbly, peacefully, joyfully so.

I have a week and a half before me of shared vacay with Remus and I’m joyful about it. We’ve got nothing in particular planned other than a dinner with friends, a Tadoo list of stuff we’d like to accomplish around here, and some new snow shoes we’d like to break in if the weather cooperates. We began, soon after we met to share some Buddhist practice together. Remus enjoys it and I’m happy to share my spiritual journey with him too. We’ll likely do some meditation together too. Other than that, we’re just going to enjoy each other. We’ve got plans to get out rope and some toys and do lots of rolling around in the bed together like a couple goofy otters.

And speaking of sex and bdsm…It is amazing to me that these just keep getting better with him. I told him that I’m amazed and happy that he’s the best. He’s the best with dominating me, with sex and with bdsm with me. He’s the best…

Did I mention how grateful I am about that? It is like life ripened and I can relish the fruits of my life…even the challenges feel like ripe fruit to me these days…

His response to being told he’s the greatest is adorable…He beats his chest like an ape and grins proudly with a deeply satisfied gleam in his eyes. The first time he did it, I about drove off the road laughing at his charming male pride. LOL!

It’s the latest joke.

He has been carrying himself with more confidence of late too and that does my heart a lot of good. He deserves to feel really good about himself. Everyone does. *smiles*

Anyway, so far today, all I’ve done is hang out nekkid but for my robe, fill out some forms and mail them off, make a date for a test I need to take for college which I postponed Monday. Oh and I made a grocery list and lunch for Remus. Isn’t that kewl? I did nothing today really. I’m havin’ fun with that I can tell ya!

It’s been a nice week with Remus’s wife and family too. We had dinner and game night a couple nights in a row. I had great fun playing a goofy game called Apples to Apples. Did a lot of giggling with Remus’s step daughters and wife who are totally hilarious. I get little or no family time to speak of for much of the year, so despite the fact that I’m rather an additional tag along in the situation, it’s lovely and kind and warm to be included in the time. I generally retire early to let them be a family without me…but it sure is nice to spend time with them.

And we’ve had some incredibly fun kinky gatherings lately I got to beat me a guy. Like very, very hard. There was some squealing and whining to be heard which I found very satisfying. Then I was happy to get an unexpected bonus of watching Kindness squealing and egging on the one playing with her. Not to mention I got the fun of leading another guy around via a cock leash. Fun, fun, fun I tell ya! I spend nearly all my time in submissive relations to my general life. It is lovely to get some dominant time. I do love beating people and happily torturing them. Consensual bdsm is the absolute best!


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