tumblr_kzk599tYR91qbrhsno1_500I’ve been enjoying making a pretty bedroom. The bedroom I have was last owned by a lover of orange. Two walls are a shade of peach. Two walls are a shade of deep orange. These deep colors are relieved by pristine white on the ceiling and wood work and a pale green on the floor. When I first thought about the room, I was concerned that I wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s just so…bold…so intense.

I have come to appreciate it. I picked white, ivory, reds, browns and black colors for the bedding. It looks rich, passionate and cheerful with all that orange color. I picked all those colors for bedding because I think my skin and hair looks good in them. I’m glad of the color choices I made now. My room looks so sophisticated and full of personality when those colors all play together with the light coming in the window or is softly glowing from the lamps in the room. It looks like elegance and sex to me.

And I made it feel even more cheerful and passionate with the other objects I put in my room; cedar chest and desk, oak bureau. I have a satin ivory upholstered boudoir bench that Remus gave me and some gold satin curtains that add such a glow to the room in any light. I love it! I have some art that is striking in there too. I’ve had a  huge pastel of a heart in reds, green, orange and black for years and it looks wonderful in that room. I’ve got an acrylic of a nude rubenesque woman with brown skin that looks fabulous too. An old friend painted it after watching me laying naked by a fire once. It’s not a portrait, but it was inspired by my form. I have had great fun decorating that room and trying to make it feel good to fall asleep and wake up there. It is certainly a place that makes me feel sexy and luxurious when spending time with Remus.

When I was a girl, I used to spend time setting a scene when I was fantasizing to masturbate. It’s silly, I know, but  I learned long ago that a setting can set a mood for me that is receptive to sex and feeling well rested. Since then, I’ve learned also from my meditation practice that being greeted upon opening my eyes for the first time in a day with a beautiful, orderly space that’s full of light is important to starting the day feeling relaxed. Starting a day relaxed lends itself to feeling relaxed all day. It is equally restful to go to bed in an orderly, beautiful space, so I make an effort to keep my room neat.

6 thoughts on “Orange is for Passion

  1. Here’s to the home! That’s definitely something to celebrate, and it’s a wonderful start for this month which I hope will be the beginning of many new and beautiful adventures.

    Good luck with the finishing of the semester.

    Happy December!


    1. Hello Louise! Sooo good to hear from you. Happy December to you also. Hope all is well with you!! *smiles*


  2. I can understand the excitement for decorating. I decided earlier last month that all I wanted for my Birthday was dark purple sheets and dark purple comforter. Both of which I’m getting after sharing this with my mom who went “huh… I can do that”.

    It’s amusing… you have some of the same stuff that is on my bucket list…


  3. By the way- the new snow thing they have going on this website is amusing me… I found my new shiny…. If you move your mouse the snow goes in that direction.


    1. Yeah…I like it too and it’s something that is just on with my theme. They only offer it in December. If you go into the theme section and hunt around, you’ll find an option to turn that on with your blogs. Glad you are enjoying it!


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