tumblr_mv4xirbWiB1s59yrco1_500I had my first family Thanksgiving in years this past week. I picked my son up and we went to my brother’s house to meet his new wife, his wife’s children and their new baby. I also go to meet my new in-laws. My mother’s sister (who lived with me as a sister when I was a girl because she’s so much younger than my mother) visited with us too. I enjoyed the time so much. It was a very long trip for me. A 9 hour drive with a few breaks to take care of stretch breaks and lunch…but worth each moment. On the way, I was treated to some spectacular views of the mountains. Wow…Incredibly, amazingly beautiful! After some talks with my aunt, I learned more about family history and I had an opportunity to do some things that my mother would have wanted. I gave my brother a quilt my grandmother had made. My mother would have also given my new sister in law some family heirlooms. I brought a few to share. It felt good to give them to her.

I so enjoyed the time with my family. Felt really good…

In the week to come, I have only school, yoga and my meditation because Remus is off on a hunting trip with his buddies.

I enjoy that kind of time…and I miss Remus a lot.

Hopefully there will be some venison to make up for his absence though and hello’s are always fun too.

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