Remus and I have chosen orgasm control as a fun way to express our power exchange?

We’ve been having the fun we’d hoped with that. This really appeals to him a great deal. He’s very fond of the idea of my body being all his to enjoy. Sharing orgasm control even when I’m not with him means he’s involved even when we’re apart. He also enjoys the idea that it makes me associate all my erotic pleasure with him.

I’m enjoying watching and experiencing his dominant feelings. I like the intimacy and the way it centers my thoughts on him when I masturbate.

We are becoming more and more attuned to each other emotionally. We wake up at the same times or very close to it when we are apart as well as together. We are starting to finish each other’s thoughts and to have the same ideas even when we’re apart. This is an intimacy and closeness that I missed a great deal when Dan and I split. Seeing this closeness grow between Remus and I is especially sweet.

Another special intimacy that’s growing between us is our attunement with each other’s body. We are finding it easier and easier to make intense, amazing orgasms in each other and to pleasure each other in other ways. I have had some amazing wonderful lovers. Really skillful ones. Ones that are unforgettable…I have been blessed and amazed. I would be so lucky to share their beds again and to enjoy their attentions…I am very lucky and blessed that  Remus has the leisure and the interest in understanding every single nuance of my body. He has learned to even interrupt an orgasm just before it crests to keep me waiting so he can build its intensity. Not to mention it makes me beg…which he very much loves. It is not an easy thing to excel past the incredible skills of other men I’ve had the privilege to make love with. I think he’s done it though.

I told him so the other day. He had the most hilarious response. He looked very surprised the first time I said it. He’s not had lots of lovers in his life. Just a few major relationships. He obviously didn’t really believe me. I had no idea that he felt inadequate compared to them until I said this. I wanted him to believe me so I said it again. He took me more seriously the second time and then he got a very satisfied look on his face and spontaneously grinned and beat his chest like Tarzan. I about drove off the road laughing. He was so cute about that.

Ever since then it’s been fun to kid him about it.

He’s so pleased with himself, I don’t think he minds being kidded about it at all.

We’ve had so much fun with orgasm control that I asked him if he’d like to have control over other things regarding masturbation. He promptly said yes. I was surprised he answered right away.

I remember last year that I yearned to enjoy this kind of sentimentality and little rituals and ways of sharing affection, private jokes…I missed it.

I am really enjoying these little intimacies with Remus.

2 thoughts on “Chest Beating

    1. ((squishy booby hugs back)) It is nice to share a giggle isn’t it? It is nice to see you smiling. YOu’ve been so sad lately. Love you…


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