I enjoy Submissive Journal Prompts. I’ve been subscribed for a few years now. I rarely write on them these days. I guess that life has enough prompts to provide fodder for my urges to write.

This prompt is fun though:

What is your most favorite part of your Owner’s body? Do you pay it special attention? How would you feel about having to worship that body part as a part of your service?

That depends on the day. Some days I am captivated by his eyes. I could sink into them and watch them dance with laughter and spark with desire all day long. Some days, I just love his skin. I love all its many textures and how my finger tips delight in exploring. There’s so much to explore too. The word softness has so many meanings on his body. The softness of his eye lids, his hair, the freneleum, his scrotum, the skin along his ribs. All days I am fascinated by his cock. I love every thing it does. And I love to watch his reactions to my fascination.

The word “having” is used. That doesn’t really fit for me. I feel a powerful nature devotion to him. There’s no “having”. I delight in his whole being and love to find ways to celebrate it. We would both rather that delight sprung naturally from me for the most part…but if Obiwan wanted to enjoy worship as part of a scene we shared. I could and would easily offer it to him. On my knees. With adoration in my eyes and a joke on my lips. *winks*

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