Sometimes, he feels so forceful inside about me, he grinds his teeth. He grabs a handful of my hair to tilt my head up and put me on my toes. His hands encircle my neck with his other hand and squeezes off the blood gently. The world shrinks to only Remus’s face as my privates zing with arousal. My breathing changes and my vision narrows. It is one of the most arousing things he does with me. The trust that takes between us is a foundation for our arousal about it. He lets the kiss soften to an end as I feel my knees buckle a bit. I grab his shoulders when I feel my body relax as if to fall and his hands relax to hold me tight to keep me from falling. He’ll always raise his head then to watch my face intently. It seems his eyes drink in my every response to his touch.

Sparks fly I’m telling you…

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