Listening to Moby on NPR again today. Got plans to have lunch with Remus at the park. We’ll be serenaded by Stefano. I just got his CD in the mail. I came in my den today and sat down amidst rainbows from the prism I hung in the window. It feels like a good room. Lunch with Remus feels good too. We’re having ham sandwiches on fresh baked bread with pumpkin pie for dessert. My cat has been super cuddly today.  I have been enjoying him. He likes the days when Remus is busy with his wife because he gets me all to himself. We enjoy our cuddle time very much. When Mr. Norris is around, he hunts mice in the basement with his cat roommy who belongs to Remus’s wife.

I found a huge load of books I thought went into my former husband’s book shelves. Some old favorites that I’m really happy to see! I’m hopeful more will come out of the boxes from Maine that I’m finally able to unpack. I am having fun rediscovering my pottery. I collect all kinds of pottery, but I have a weakness for tea things, and beautiful bowls and plates. I collected some pretty pieces over the years. I sat down with one I’d forgot about last night. It was sweet to drink some tea from it.

Remus will be gone for several days this week. He’s spending some time with friends. I’ll miss him…and I’m glad that our lunch date is the start of some sweet, if short, time together tonight and tomorrow before he leaves.

There’s been no sex or play for several days now. I was sick on Sunday and Monday. I didn’t really feel like it. We did lots of cuddling instead. The past couple evenings Remus has been spending time with his wife. They both seem relaxed and happy the past couple days, which is very good to see. I’m enjoying that very much.

Perhaps we’ll find some time to do some playing tonight. We’ve not got out rope or done any bdsm play with implements in awhile. If not, there’s always when he gets back…

In any case, I’m feeling very wistful for cuddle time all tied up…and some time with the spanking bench and some of our paddles…and maybe some erotic hypnosis or breath play. We both love that very much. At some point, soon, my very attentive wonderful man will have the time to spend on enjoying ourselves with all that.

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