Yesterday Remus and I went to the park for lunch. We wanted to take advantage of the waning warm days before winter comes. (He doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll likely weedle some similar time to enjoy a winter day too….*smiles*) We were eating our lunch in amiable silence. It is nice to enjoy each other’s company without always talking. We frequently make conversation, but neither of us rambles on about much of anything most of the time, so we can appear rather quiet to onlookers. We communicate in other ways very often…glances, smiles, eye contact, a touch of hands…just acknowledgements of fondness for each other and quiet pleasure in each other’s company.

He broke the silence with a story though. He told me he was hard at work…and musing about me. That put a smile on my face right away. “Oh?”

“Yeah…I was thinking about…”

Oh wait. Before I tell you this, I’ve got to fill you in on the whole joke.

The other day, we’d been fucking like rabbits. I was bent over him and he playfully grabbed both breasts and began bouncing them together. Does any man NOT do this?!

I must admit to finding myself ever so slightly exasperated by the number of times in my life a lover has felt compelled to do that…

Only a titless person would be enamored of this…Seriously.

I began to laugh wryly and remarked that he was “such a boy.” (Did I mention that I can’t seem to be exasperated at the man? Only amused by him? ) Of course since then, he has to keep doing it, just so I’ll call him a boy and make exasperated noises. And then he can have a fun excuse to spank me. (You did know there was spanking involved in this story right? *grins*)

Okay…so where was I?

Oh yeah…

“Yeah…I was thinking about…you telling me I’m such a boy. Had me grinning like an idiot. My co-workers must have seriously wondered why I was grinning to myself like that all alone.”

I laughed and was seriously pleased that he was thinking about me at work.

Then of course, I had to continue the bouncing tit joke. Did I mention I hate the word “tit”?!

*shakes head hard to get self off that word topic. It will only inspire annoying jokes*

So then I remarked something to the effect of “I’m a woman who is fascinated by a woman’s breasts. I seriously want to touch them right? So I fantasize about it, but you likely won’t see me either fantasizing about or actually bouncing boobs together. I really do think that’s a guy thing.”

By the way…I hadn’t thought of “titless people” at that moment or I would have used it. It’s a very good joke yanno…I know you laughed at it, so you have to admit its a good joke. For some reason that use of tit amuses the hell out of me. *rolls eyes at my own contrariness*

I do like to make Remus laugh.

Did I mention, I’ve started calling him Remus at home? It makes him smile. He does love to read here…many of these posts are for no other purpose than to make him smile.

In any case, it is a sweet purpose for this blog, since frankly, I rarely feel a huge urge to write erotica any more. Nor about relationships for that matter. At least, I don’t feel any urge to write publicly about very private things going on in my life. Lord knows that my life style choices are causing enough hoopla in this provincial state as it is. *rolls eyes at people who have so little in their lives they have to gossip about others* I do very little fantasizing any more. Not only is it something that I feel no urge toward these days, but I actually do have all I want from a man in Remus. He’s a very, very good match for me, so what’s there to fantasize about? I can just have it after all…whatever it is I want. If there’s something I want or need in a romantic, D/s or erotic relationship, all I have to do is ask him for it and within a week, he’ll provide it with his own fun twist on it. Anyway, what I mean to say is, that when I fantasize it is on two topics. I’ll keep one to myself, though I’ve discussed it with Remus before. The other is about a woman. I fantasize about having a close woman friend I can be intimate with…

What got me on that subject anyway?

So last night (Did I mention that when I start a sentence with “So…” Remus gets worried? I thought I’d just add that in.) I remarked to him that his story about thinking of me at work, had me grinning all the way into town for class. He, of course, started grinning just as happily.

Did I mention that we are grinning idiots over each other?

Oooh! Maybe I’ll get me a spanking over the “idiots” remark! That would be fun! *happy grins…*

Okay…Back to work unpacking the boxes I brought home from the storage unit last night…

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