It has been a busy few days around here. My homework load was light thankfully. Been cleaning, shopping, unpacking and rearranging and even doing a little building. Well Remus was building. I was holding things in place. *smiles* The cleaning part is satisfying, but tiring. The shopping part was a necessity, but not particularly enjoyable to me. I am not a real fan of shopping…unless its go look in art shops or rock shops and the like. I don’t like box stores. *sighs…* I felt exhausted after each trip and there’s more still ahead of me. The unpacking was very satisfying. It feels nice to get my stuff put away in my new home. There’s quite a bit of unpacking left to do still because I have a storage unit to go through. Satisfying but tiring. And then the helping build part…? I caught a head cold while I was out shopping…Being in the dusty basement was not so fun.

Being with Remus? Always, always fun.

I’m starting my week out tired with a head cold, but I am feeling happy when I walk around my new space and see my new home shaping into a wonderful nest.

There is so much satisfaction in my neat, pretty new space!

My classes are going well. My grades are shaping up just fine despite a rocky start this fall.

Of course, despite being very tired, we found time for cuddling and sex. I was exhausted on Saturday night. Remus, put me on the massage table. He rubbed me down with oil, relaxed me and then had his way with me. It was a juicy good time!

We had some fabulous other interludes too…but not much other kind of play at the moment, but we enjoyed our time accomplishing.

We did quite a bit of just playing this summer and fall. I’m not at all adverse to the change in focus. It feels really good to see things get done which need doing. Not very sexy I guess, but I’m happy. *smiles*

In a few short weeks, I’ll have a 6 week vacation. I am going to relax! It has been a very long while since I’ve had some significant down time. I have plans for writing, crafting, reading, fucking, spanking, lot’s and lot’s of meditation, walking outside, laughing, spending time with friends…I am looking forward to it!

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