I became aware that Remus must be awake. I could feel my back was chilled. He’d rolled over to fiddle with his phone I think. I decided to ignore my bladder, snuggle my back up to his and go back to sleep. I was just about to go to sleep again when he rolled over and began to fondle my nipples in a lazy, but very arousing way. My breathing was deep and my brain was still sleeping, but my nipples were waking up. *smiles* A few minutes later, he pressed his hardness against my bottom. My brain woke a smidge more. I rolled over toward him and he began to suckle my nipples so pleasantly…I was moaning happily by then. My breathing was still deep with sleep and my mind still sleepy but I was happy he’d decided to fuck me and was more than willing to move however he wants to accommodate his desires…He nudged my thighs apart without speaking and pressed his cock against me. I wasn’t wet. Neither of us cared about that though. By then I was panting for him to be inside me. I opened wide and he forced himself into me. Soon I was wet for him though and we rocked together. Awhile later, knowing it was time to get up, he let himself cum and relaxed on my body, curling us together for a short cuddle. I snuggled in to him, happy and warm.

I love morning sex.

4 thoughts on “Warm

    1. True. It is always hot with Obiwan…and generally life is very simple and sweet with him too. Hope you are well and happy! *smiles*


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