We had a recent breach in privacy with phones. I am generally very cautious about saying anything very personal on phones or on my public blog or even in an email. In general, I don’t talk about feelings anywhere online or in text except right here where I write with a pseudonym. That anonymity allows me to talk about my personal thoughts and feelings about Remus. Even then, there’s private posts that the public never sees. I want privacy about our relationship. I have the right to disseminate it when, where, how and with whom I please. She has no right to breach that privacy!

Recently he’d asked me an unusual question and I’d responded on text. It was seen by her and there was a huge upset apparently. And then there was gossiping happening. My feelings are really hurt! I’m angry too. It makes me feel picked on for no fucking reason at all. Having a feeling about her husband ought to be okay. She’s got me living here doesn’t she? I don’t get it.

On a warmer note and on another subject, but related to how we enjoy and play with our private matters and our privacy:

We decided to begin orgasm control. I think this is really fun, by the way. We needed a private way to make requests though because his phone displays messages which could be seen by anyone at work. So we developed a code because we realized that making requests for playing a sex toy while he’s at work, via text, could be troublesome. So we decided that we’d use a code. Our code for morning sex is already 4:22…a running joke. This became a joke because we seem to have a habit of waking at 4:22 to have sex. We both do it spontaneously. Well he’s decided the code for requests for masturbation is 10:22. Probably because that’s about when I start thinking I want to fuck him. We think this is funny…

Hopefully there will be no more private conversations intercepted via his phone. It will just sound like we are making a date for something.

I just asked him for a 10:22…He said yes.

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