Remus was teasing me last night.

(really when does he not?!)

He said something to the effect that I have a little song for everything.

I was complaining about something even as I was complimenting his incredible fucking just a few minutes before (I was NOT complaining about his fucking techniques…there’s never any reason to complain there…) and reminded him that I had no ditty for that one. He remarked, well I suppose I should be thankful for the fact that you aren’t chanting “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.”

This is an inside joke, not just obviously funny.

He always says, “Fuck you!” in response to me saying thank you for letting me give him sexual service.

I just chuckled…but then my writer’s mind kicked in when it occurred to me that coming up with a chant to his chagrin would be fun..!

About a minute later, the following, goofy, really bad punny cheer popped into my head:

Here’s my chant

But it’s no rant

When I say,

Fuck you,

Fuck you,

Fuck you!

I began to guffaw to myself of course…how can you not laugh out loud when you think up something that punny?!

Having enjoyed the silence enough to get sleepy, he expressed grave concerns at whatever I might be laughing about considering the silence that came before. It didn’t bode well for him he felt…

Giggling some more, I repeated the chant, remarking immediately that I fully intended to share it here…

This won’t post for a couple days. I’m putting it into a schedule so it will post when we are busy and have both forgotten about it totally. He’ll find it even more funny to be reminded of it out of the blue….

I think I’ll post it on jury duty day. I’m sure I will need a good chuckle by then… *winks and smiles*


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