My cat is jealous of his four legged housemate.

My habit is to open a can and toss it down for him.

His mirror image (did I mention Mr. Norris’s furball house mate looks almost exactly like him?) gets a snazzy little plate, with a nice pre-mushed-up portion. And he gets variety in his cans. And he gets it when he asks for it.

Mirror Image has been ill and I was asked to wait on the little furball hand and foot by Remus’s wife.

So I do.

Mr. Norris is pissed.

There is rebellion.

For the past few days, he has not been making barn odors appear in the bathroom after using his own box.

I fear for the basement.

Or, at the least, Mirror Image now has a litter box mate he hadn’t planned for.

Interesting how they’ve been bickering the past few days too.

Mirror Image may be simply disciplining Mr. Norris.

Rightly so it seems.

Funny…Mr. Norris has been peeing in his box…

So…the bugger has NOT suddenly developed kitty alzheimers.

There shall be war!

Now let fur fly…


What can I say?

It’s November.

He’s always an asshole in winter. He is bored and has nothing better to do.

Declaring war on me is his favorite winter entertainment.

So let the games begin…

By the way?

I always win.

He’s a cat though.

By the next winter, he forgets this.


In his old age he’s remembering some of his antics are simply NOT worth the price.

Let’s see how long this little battle takes.

We shall start with being banished to the upstairs for a few days.

What can I say…?

I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

He might just be trying to be nice.

He does that.


Mostly I think he doesn’t want barn odors in “his” living space.

The basement is far less odoriferous option.

I agree with him.

However, I do have kitty alzheimers so putting his box in the basement will result in over filling.

Either way, the issue is whether he’s using the coal pile for a box. If I forget to scoop his box more than a day, he’ll find that coal pile sooner or later unless I make it painfully unpleasant for him to forget that its not a litter box!

See where I’m going with this?!

THIS is why I’ve nicknamed him “boneheaded furball”…

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