I got a spanking at lunch time.

It all started with a smile. Just because he walked in the door. “What? No ‘Oh shit!?'”

I say that when I lose track of time and only discover this when he’s walking through the door for his lunch.

He’s teasing me because he can plainly see and smell that his lunch is on the table.

For the foodies who might be reading? Don’t get excited. It’s leftovers for us both. I ate a beef and cheese burritos and he had a left over hamburger…Add some bananas and cider and you’ve got our meal in mind.

After eating he was teasing me about kissing whilst sharing our oreo cookies.

My opinion on that is Yuk! so I was laughingly avoiding his mouth and he wasn’t trying really hard. We both know if he’d wanted to, he’d have succeeded. He’s really much stronger than me.

The conversation unfolds some more with me admitting that I’ve been keeping track of the “Oh shit!” luncheon moments. I also admit that its because he’s the kind to be detail oriented and correct all oversights in my part…so I was preparing my argument for that moment, by reminding him that 3 times in 4 months is a pretty good average considering I’m so forgetful.

He took that as saucy and began to tickle and tease me more…and to spank me with us both standing up. Amidst squeals and laughter, I begin to back up…through two doors and back to the dining table.

Where he sits down and pulls me over his knee.

It’s a rather awkward position for me. Either I relax as I normally would and feel gravity work on a newly consumed lunch, or I use one hand to hold myself aloft a bit.

He gave me one of his delicious, wonderful spankings.

One of his favorite things to do is spank four spots in a rotation. Cheek, thigh, cheek, thigh and around again.

He lifts his whole arm, but he comes down whipping his wrist just slightly and he lets the weight of his arm come with it. It’s a stingy, thuddy spanking…I love it!

He likes to be quite hard with his spankings.

I sure do love them.

I felt the submissiveness and love flow through me…

I really do like our power exchange. It feels wonderful. It is full of respect, laughter, playfulness…

I am very grateful.

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