“I think I should give you a blow job.”

“You should?”, with a grin.

He asks me to “give him 15 minutes” so he can complete some tasks at the computer.

Mean time, I do a couple little chores. There’s some spills on the floor near my room. There’s a trade of bath products I’ve been meaning to make. And also I wanted to check on some financial stuff for school.

I checked on the financial stuff and sure enough, memory served me correct and all is well from what I can tell. I said as much to Remus. “I knew it! They’re just trying to freak me out!” I say that knowing the utter lack of logic in that comment. I am sure that the college has better things to do than try to freak me out. Nevertheless it makes me feel better to declare that “They” didn’t win!

All of these little tasks took far longer than 15 minutes. I’ve also had a snack and finished a chapter in my book.

After my freak out comment, I watched him at his desk looking like he’s not remotely done with his tasks…

“This is a very long 15 minutes.”


Does the man not understand that blow job moods are capricious?!

9 thoughts on “Comments

  1. I have this theory on people…

    It’s called “__________________ time” and everyone has their own “time”. It really depends on who it is. Like my mom? it’s mom time…. if I am a minute late she starts freaking out. If someone is a minute late picking me up she gets stressed. If I start talking about travel she’s stressed…

    My sister? its “Deedee time” (there is a reason behind the nickname) She’s usually about an 1-3 hours late depending on the day.

    Never trust “give me 15 minutes”. I always try to ask what “15 minutes” means to them lol.


    1. Obiwan is a very punctual person…but one has to admit that no matter how punctual you are, the pc tends to rule the time table. It will do whatever it wants and suck the life out of extra minutes than you planned for, regardless if intentions or punctuality. 🙂


      1. …….. True. This is true. It’s why I don’t own a smart phone. I look at my laptop enough at work and I just don’t need more ways to access my email when I am not working.


    1. Yeah…That tends to capture every man’s attention…however, if he considers something very important, he won’t let himself be distracted. I didn’t actually mind…but it was fun to tease him about it. How are you?


      1. And who doesn’t like to be teased now and then….lol. Life is great on this end….no major complaints….not even any small ones….sounds like life is good on your end as well….enjoy the new apt.


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