Okay…I need some consumer opinions from those who own a Kindle or  Nook. I have been researching Nook in anticipation of owning one. I have seen both machines and like the Nook best. The aps on it work in a fashion that feels logical and useful for my brain…the Kindle not as much.

However, I am noticing that each type of e-reader has drawbacks. Over half the titles I seem to want to own which are sold by Amazon seem to not be available on Kindle…therefore the only option if I go with Kindle is to buy the book in paper version…that sorta defeats the purpose of a Kindle if you see what I mean. However, what books are on Kindle come pretty darn cheap, almost always less then $10.

On the other hand, all of the books sold by Barnes and Noble are on Nook, however, they don’t seem to have a big difference between the paper cost and the e-book cost….which kinda takes a huge incentive out of owning a Nook for me….I am not going to be able to replace this collection of books very quickly at that rate…So other than the very real desire not to cart books around any more, I’m starting to wonder if I should try to make a purchase at this point. Though, after moving three times in one summer, I’m about done with the boxes of books thing! That makes the Nook seem really inviting at the moment…that and I travel alot. It would be fabulous to not have the bulk and weight of books in my carry on! Not to mention there’s no worry about a book of erotica capturing notice by anyone I might share a seat with while reading.

So…Honest opinions here….can you talk to me about more pros and cons and what you’d do different if you had your purchase to do over?

2 thoughts on “Nook vs Kindle

  1. I bought a kindle. I had it for 4 weeks, and I hated it.
    for a lot of reasons.
    I think I like the page thing, the whole screen, just wasn’t easy to deal with after sitting for 20 minutes.
    Amazons customer no service really pissed me off.
    3. in the amazon contract they can delete things from your kindle at”their discretion” ????
    I had 2 near misses with the cat who almost knocked it off the bedside table and then the sofa. They are way fragile in comparison to a book.
    One of the kindle books I got was a classic, and there by cheap! but guess what? it was annotated…but know where could I find where it said then when I bought it.
    6. If you are bad about recharging things ( and I am terrible, ask my cell phone thats been missing for 3 days….) When they lose charge, they lose all kinds of stuff and act wonkie.
    I returned it and have decided that it’s better to cart the boxes of books, though I do not move as often as you, and that donating or selling them on alibris is a much better option.
    hope that helps…


    1. It did….

      I appreciated what you said about the contract very much. Thanks!!

      I have read online books on my netbook, so I know that I will not feel as frustrated with it as you did…in fact the screen is designed to cause far less eye strain than my netbook.

      I asked here and on fetlife where I know some folk who have both Kindles and Nooks. Between what I learned there and here and what my own research has told me, Nook is the best way to go. On Nook, I will have the freedom to use additional storage disks. I already have the Kindle pc version. All I need do is transfer files from netbook to Nook if I want to read it there and I’m good…I can get the abundance of titles avail on Nook, but have the book prices avail on Kindle all in one go…

      Me happy… *grins*


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