I have a new home. Next week, I’ll get to move all my things and begin the process of moving in. I can’t wait!

I have a bedroom, a living room-office, my own spacious bathroom, a little area for a dinette and a galley kitchen, and a private entrance. There’s laundry facilities and plenty of parking….and lots of green yard to enjoy.

It is my own space. I am not sharing it with anyone…though the rest of the house is shared space. I am happy to be sharing that space. Gives me a sense of family atmosphere.

I have two rooms facing east, so I can enjoy sunrise and two rooms facing west so I can enjoy the sunset. Lot’s a closet space…Lots of shelving. I have plenty of furniture for what I’ve rented. My cat is welcome and there’s another cat here, so he’s got a buddy. He’s happier here than he’s been in quite some time.

I am having my first company tomorrow. Ginny is coming by. I am excited to show off my space!

My son is visiting next weekend also. I am super excited to see him.

I have been getting a lot of special time with Remus too. We haven’t been doing a lot together in particular. In fact, lots of times, we just fall asleep together, but I have been really enjoying his presence in my life. He makes me smile so much…and I like watching him smile at my presence.

My classes are going okay. I’d like to be doing better in one of them, but I’m doing very well considering how transient I’ve been for months now.

It will be good to settle in some place good.

It will be good to relax the tension of being transient…

I have been enjoying the rain on the roof for the past few days.



8 thoughts on “Moving

  1. I’m excited for you sweet friend. I know you’ll make your space somewhere warm and welcoming and full of love.

    love and hugs xxx


      1. Thank you, dear one! *smiles* I hope you will settle in real soon and real good; I’m so glad you have found this new place… “a room of one’s own”… yay!

        ((big hugs))


        1. Thank you wonderful friend! I am putting away clothing and planning where furniture goes when it arrives…Life is sweet!

          How are you?!


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