Just thinking with great gratitude how good it is, how freeing it is to not have to think about defining every little thing about my relationships…I don’t have to have them be just so to feel safe in them. I don’t have to have someone else always doing something just so to feel safe in them. I don’t feel that constant insecurity or fear…I am relaxed now even in the midst of uncertain times.

What a relief…

From this standpoint, I look back at myself as I was then and think upon myself with great compassion and kindly humor.

From this standpoint, I do my best to find patience with others in my life feel fearful or insecure or demand that I become concrete in order to enjoy time with me.

From this standpoint, I remain sure in my journey and the extraordinary peace and freedom I feel.

The thing is? Every thing about me is easier to be with and I am easier in my skin.

It was a good and right journey…and I give profound thanks to every single person who did not let me get away with demanding they turn themselves inside out in order to make me feel safe and secure in their love.

I am grateful that instead they held up a mirror that showed me what is true.

I am a better teacher, a better lover, a better submissive, a better dominant, a better student, a better person…because of this freedom I now have that letting go of having things just so in my relationships gave me.


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