I came down with an intestinal virus today. Remus has been such a peach. He has been very affectionate. He cooked me dinner and made sure to eat it and his lunch with me. He gave me a bath in hot water and then gave me a massage. He came to bed early to cuddle with me while I completed my homework assignments due today and is now sleeping beside me as I write this. He’s such a good man…I am incredibly lucky to be the recipient of his love…

I guess the thing I most wanted to remark on is how he looked at me and touched me. He radiated sympathy and deep love. I am so filled with warmth for him…

And atop that he said to me at one moment this evening, ” Before you get back to work, I want to put your collar on.” When he did, he was tender about it…at once point when I sat here beside him engrossed in Folklore homework and he was caressing the ties on my rope collar with such gentleness. It touched me so…

Gee, I sure do love him…

2 thoughts on “I am a Lucky Woman

    1. Me too…He just text me to see how I was doing because things got worse last night and very early this am…He remarked to me that I was just about the most pleasant person he’s ever known because I have been cracking shit jokes for over 24 hours. He said he’s never met anyone who can keep their sense of humor when they are so sick.

      I smiled big at him and made another shit joke….and then begged him not to tickle me because I’d have to go shit again…

      Yeah…I know…You could likely do without shit jokes too right? LOL!


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