I have felt…slightly apprehensive about the deepening/depth of my feelings for Remus the past few days.

There’s been no more talk of purchasing an every day collar between us. Mostly we’ve talked about enjoying each other, feeling so compatible and the challenges that he and his wife are experiencing.

There’s some question whether either of them want their marriage.

I am concerned for him.

However, it seems to be making no difference in our relationship with each other…other than being a bit constrained by the feelings his wife has.

However, my apprehension led me to not wear my rope collar for a couple days. The first days in weeks I’ve not had it on for at least a few hours.

Last night when we got into bed, he wanted to know what I’d done with my collar. I told him and then he remarked that I was a naughty girl for not wearing it.

I apologized…

That interaction made me realize how much our relationship means to him…

The conversation went along the lines that included lots of laughter…and a few minutes later he slipped the collar on me. I took it off awhile ago before his kids came by to do laundry, but it was very nice to sleep in it.

I am happy to be in a relationship with him.

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