to play with some fun new toys last night.


Remus went on a little shopping spree this weekend.

He bought a rabbit fur covered glove that has metal claws sewn into the fingertips.

I love that thing!!

It is the kewlest to feel that wonderful fur on my skin and then feel the claws when he tenses his fingers on me.

He got a slapper which has sheep skin on one side and a nice flexible leather on the other.

It has fabulous sting on the leather side and make a great tool for warming up the skin for more stingy play.

The texture of the sheep skin is interesting too.

It is soft, but also slightly scratchy.

I really liked it!

Then he also got a wonderful handmade wooden paddle.

It has little holes in the center of the paddle.

The hand is inlaid and has several woods, among them cherry.

It is beautifully made.

It is very stingy without the heavy thud of most wooden paddles which can hurt my lower back.

I am already in love with it.

It certainly can’t beat Remus’s wonderful hand spankings, which he applied liberally yesterday, but it is a treasure.

Along with wax play, knife play and lots of muscle rubbing, we had a lovely day of bdsm yesterday.


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