I dislike cold temperature play.

I do like it when Remus takes charge and pushes for my submission though.

I like that a lot.


He had me squealing and giggling intensely over cold chains and ice…not to mention he chose a moment when he had help. Kindness got in on the fun. She was giggling and he was grinning happily too.

Now if I were on the receiving end, I’d have enjoyed this whole experience with great glee at my victim’s cost. I might not have been so gentle with him or her either. He let me get out of the situation with a little whining…

I did not appreciate the ice in the same way I would have administering it to be sure…but I greatly enjoyed such a lovely opportunity to give him submission during play. He’s just so yummy!


2 thoughts on “F’in Sadists…

  1. Ooooh, I LOVE ice play! I have very fond memories on one extremely hot (in both senses of the word) afternoon in a hotel room with HMBA and an ice bucket! Makes me smile just thinking about it.

    love and hugs xxx


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