It has been another very busy week for me. Almost no time for anything. I traveled to this past weekend to see dear friends from Hawaii. I loved seeing them. It was good to be with them. Filled my heart up to brimming and I overflowed…

Life is good. Remus and I are enjoying our friendship so much. Our power exchange even more in some ways. He is always remarking on how pleasant I am to be with. I jokingly and half seriously remind him that the honeymoon isn’t totally over yet. (not that I am anyone other than me at any given time) I am still scrambling to make him happy in terms of having stuff he likes the way he likes it each day…I think with more time together I will still enjoy pleasing him, but he’ll likely have to put up with me being lazy and lax regularly as well as trying to please him…And there’s still the winter time ahead of us.

My summer ceremony tends to bring out the very service oriented qualities in my personality…When I settle back into my life after my ceremony more, my natural dominance tends to reassert itself and I start wanting my own way alot more…

There’s that alot thing again.

However, a lot in this instance is all about not being patient for what I want when I want it. *winks and grins*

However, it is kinda fun to see the moments when Remus notes that I’m getting bossy with him. He grabs me and starts teasing me, playfully hurting me and turning me on at the same time. It is delightful and makes me want very much to be dominant with someone else, but oh so very submissive with him and very much right this minute…

Did I mention that Remus seems to like my dominance? He enjoys watching me with my snork for instance. Last night, in anticipation of an event coming up soon, I asked him if I could play with others of my choosing whilst there. There’s at least three people I’d love to play with while I’m there. I mentioned that I’d like to beat someone. He just laughed…and took note that two friends who are dominant will also be there. He liked me asking him if I could play though. I could tell by his expression of pleasure about it…

I’m curious about this coming winter…How will my relationship with Remus change my life? Curious and curiouser…

I think that at some point over the years I’ve written here, I’ve discussed my tendency to hold on to a man’s cock before I fall asleep. It is a comforting thing to do as I’m falling asleep. I guess that I treat it like an umbilical cord. I don’t do it to every man I have a relationship with. Only those men I feel submissive to…and only if our friendship progresses a bit.

Remus likes it when I do this.

Last night I didn’t do it. I just cuddled. I was very tired you see…so I just put my breasts against him and snuggled in with my arm around his waist. After a moment, he began to flirt with me and I was enjoying his attentions very much. In fact, I’d have been quite enthusiastic if he’d pressed for having sex. I love when he presses me for sex even when I’m tired or not feeling eager for sex that minute. It makes our power exchange feel very erotic and fun for me. Last night he didn’t press me. He was tired too. But he did hold me down and kiss me past the point I wanted to kiss and he kept doing it anyway….He aroused himself a lot doing that…and he aroused me. I was still very tired, so I continued to appear very sleepy, but I was very aroused and wanted him then…

But he was tired…So after he lay back on his pillow, he put my hand on his cock and snuggled in to sleep. “There!”, he said.

We fell asleep like that…

I slept really good…and then he woke up in the same condition he fell asleep in. Hard as a rock. He put my hand on him again when I rolled over to snuggle him before he had to get up for work…It led to the sex we didn’t have last night.

I love sleepy morning sex. It is so yummy….


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