Wow…Life sure does surprise.

My roommy came home yesterday and told me that he was finding the perfume of the litter I’m using in the cat box intolerable and would I let Mr. Norris be an outdoor cat. Basically he doesn’t want a catbox in the house at all and he wants Mr Norris to live outside all the time.

I said no. He explained his feelings and I said, well I don’t know what to do about this except move.

We arrived at the agreement that I’d try to problem solve it, but he didn’t think it would work for the winter because I couldn’t keep the windows open all winter…so I said I’d do my best to move soon.

“Soon” can’t be before the end of October because I don’t have security deposit and a full rent for a regular apartment until then.

Nevertheless despite being aware that I’d have to move again soon, I feel discouraged.

Or at least I did last night. Tonight I just feel introspective. I have reorganized my rooms today, moving the box to another location and planning for a different handling of litter type and for different ventilation. That’s the best I can do…but already the difference in location is making the room smell better, so I guess its working…else its the air flow patterns of having the windows and doors open all day despite the chill so that the house would air out.

Also I’ve conceived of the idea that I’d apply to a program that matches people who want to share their home in exchange for light housekeeping or personal care or cooking or errands of some kind. The program is rather successful here in VT and its been suggested to me several times. I’ve printed off an application and am seriously considering it.

Now for the other option before me…

Remus asked me to move in.

He says it was his wife’s idea.

I’m not sure what to say.

Its not the first time he’s said he wishes I could move in when I’ve been looking for some place to live before…so this is not totally out of the blue, but I’m a bit startled he feels we’re all ready to move in together…

I don’t know if I feel ready for that.



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