Another (and my last for the fall semester) weekend without being attached to my pc. Classes commence today and so I’m back to the desk most of the time. However, this last weekend was very fun. On Thursday night, I sat on the meditation cushion with close friends and sangha and I felt so happy and good. Then on Friday I did errands with Remus and we went on a cruise on Champain Lake around the area of Burlington. I enjoyed seeing so much of the Lake at once and to listen to the informational recording about the history and natural history of VT. I really do live in a beautiful place. The Adirondacks are mesmerizing and I’m lucky to see them so much of the time…and it was an absolutely perfect day in terms of weather. Soft, warm and breezy…Yummy day!

Over the weekend, we spent some time at my place and with Mr. Norris, who loved our attention and then we headed over to his place for some real alone time. We did a lot of massage. Remus has been a real trooper helping me with all this moving stuff and his body has suffered almost as much as mine. He really needed some tlc, so I spent a bunch of time giving him massage and Reiki this weekend and we slept a lot again. We needed it.

And the juiciness goes on…We’re both enjoying this change in the way I orgasm. He’s very aroused by it and so am I.

We got a new toy. We tried it on, but didn’t try it out for play yet. I’m sure we’ll get to that though. Its a new nose plug. We’d tried one from the SCUBA store, but it didn’t stay put. We tried instead to get one for swimmers. It sure does work. Stays put too. So “put” that it makes my ears feel funny. LOL! It will be interesting to try it out for play.

A fun thing for me…Remus decided that he’d try out yoga. He and I got up in the mornings both days at his place and did yoga together. It was very fun for me to teach him how to do it. I don’t know if he’ll try to keep it up on his own, but it seems that he’s doing his best to support my spiritual practice and I am feeling really touched and honored by that. He’s a good person and a really good friend too.

One of the most fun things we did this weekend besides all that yummy sex and play we get up to is that we went to an erotic hypnosis workshop. Remus seemed to really enjoy the play and has plans for what he’ll try. He’s excited to try it for mental bondage especially. I’m very excited about that too! I can’t wait until he decides to try out. He did briefly at the workshop and it was fabulous fun. I also tried my hand at some hypnosis with my snork. She attended also. We did some hypnosis for self comfort triggers and also I tried out suggesting a hard spanking while actually only touching lightly with my finger. She had some interesting responses. I had fun with the class. It offered all the tools one needs for doing hypnosis for erotic fun. It’s not a certification course, so its not for therapy, but its definitely alot of help for doing it to install a cum command or whatever.

I’m feeling very replete with my soft, relaxing weekend before I get busy with my first week of classes.  I am a fan of Michael Franti & Spearhead…Here’s The Sound of Sunshine.

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