tumblr_m7dj41bzvz1rn91cjo2_500We were riding in the truck recently. We passed over a street in Burlington VT that has “speed humps” I have no idea why VT calls them such a lascivious name, but they do. (Did I mention that my old roommie Kindness aspires to own one of these signs some day?) Anyhoo…the combination of the stiff suspension of the truck and the speed hump made for some serious boob bouncing, which of course amuses Remus…and it makes me giggle knowing it will. He never gets tired of it. And that conversation led to thoughts and discussions of other boob jiggling activities and opportunities…

Realistically, such conversations indicate a serious loss of brain cells somewhere along the way. Why is it such conversations become so darn amusing but I’d roll my eyes about it in any other circumstances? My snork would be imitating sticking her finger down her throat in disgust over our goofy new relationship energy smarminess…

Yet there I am giggling happily about “boob jigglers.”

*rolls eyes and laughs…*

There’s more to the story of course…like all the things he likes to do to make my boobs bounce…and yup. There’s a list now. One of his favorite jokes is to ask me if I have any black eyes…

This is only funny if you know me…so I’ll let you in on the joke. 36GG and that’s all I’m sayin’.

So…enough about that topic…the other reason I wrote today is to exclaim over how fantastic erotic hypnosis is. I love it and I want more…

More later…

2 thoughts on “Boob Jigglers

  1. I didn’t put a finger down my throat this time… although I do get very amused at those signs too… I may of had an eye roll but I have different levels of imitating


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