I forgot my keys a lot the past week or so.

A remnant of rushing too much most likely

Which is why I typed ‘alot’ instead of ‘a lot’.

Just sayin’…*grins*

That and I’m a creature of habit.

If I try to change a habit for a short period of time, I find myself forgetting things or not being able to find things because it’s not where I usually put it and I can’t figure out what I did with it.

A secret?

My neatness has less to do with being neat than it does with needing my belongings to be orderly enough that I can find what I need when I need it. That and it’s good for my mental health to have a sense of beauty as well as order to my life. It is the difference between sliding into clean cool sheets and slightly used ones on a hot night. With the bed made, either way, you are sliding into pretty clean sheets, but there’s a mental component that feels especially nice when the hot night’s discomfort hits and you want to really rest…I know you are with me on that…right?

So last week, in order to lighten the load in my backpack, I turned my backpack into my purse. Of course my keys went into a pocket on my backpack since they rattle so damned much. When I arrived at Remus’s house, I didn’t bother to change my purse things back into my purse because my purse was still at home. That’s my habit you see…to empty my backpack as soon as I get home so that I can avoid the whole forgetting my stuff thing.

Then I went into Burlington to check on Mr. Norris, I took only my phone, my wallet and Remus’s keys… and realized I’d forgot my keys until I was ready to get out of the truck and open a door. I had keys when I left the house right? (yes. I know. My logic is not always real logic. Remus likes to call it girl logic.) Luckily my roommy was home and so I wasted no gas on the trip.

As I was leaving my house, I decided to grab my purse, since I prefer it to my back pack when all I need is a purse. It was no extra weight since I was driving the truck after all…Of course a day or so later when I went to check on Mr. Norris again, I still didn’t have my keys because I never got round to putting all purse items back into my purse. I never gave it a thought. I had my purse after all. Keys are always in my purse if they are not on the hook right by the door. That’s my logic because I’m careful to put things where they belong.


Unless my whole focus is to relax and not push to do anything at all.

Unless I change the habit.

So I ended up waiting for several hours in hopes my roommate to return so my trip wouldn’t be wasted. No such luck. He got some over time and then went straight to do his evening activity.

This of course amused Remus endlessly who took all advantage to tease me about not having my keys and where was his slave when it came to having some dinner that evening?!

So several times over the course of the day I returned home for the week he asked me if I had my keys.

The first time he asked me I didn’t.

Good thing he asked because I was about to head home whilst leaving the keys on my toiletry bag which I was leaving behind…Dunno how they got there, but they did.


I remember putting them on the toiletry bag at some point. Dunno why I did that instead of putting them on my purse, but there you have it.

I didn’t tell him that.

He was making fun of me quite enough thank you very much.

Of course now he wants a set of keys to the house.

His logic is that the work around for my faulty logic is that if I am driving his truck, I’ll have keys to my house…and he can always rescue me if I leave my keys some place again in future.

My logic is that I need a hide a key.

Did I mention that there’s girl logic that’s not like the girl logic he’s got in mind?

Oh and then there’s man logic and there’s man logic. Said with two tones of voice. One amused and wry the other one even more amused and prolly a little long suffering.

*works both ways I’m thinkin’*

Nevertheless, I liked it that Remus expects a key to the house.

Regardless of all the teasing and fun, a trip to the hardware store is in order.

Of course then, perhaps I’ll finally remember the little rubber bands needed for my nipple clamps…and a hardware store is, after all, the toy store.

Key making is a fabulous excuse to peruse the toy store.

Do you like Adele? I do…If you are in the mood to listen to that fabulous voice, here’s a playlist…

2 thoughts on “Forgetfulness

  1. If you allotted more effort to remember what you forget alot (sic) you’d have your keys a lot (unsic) more often.
    **Teasing concluded**


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