“The feminine mystique has succeeded in burying millions of American women alive.”

Betty Friedan

From Submissive Journal Prompts

An interesting comment to make…

…and one which captured my attention following a recent semester of studying American Women’s History.

My opinion is that the feminine mystique is a choice and an action as much as it was a social norm.

Women create social norms just as surely as men do.

They always have.

If women are free to choose and I know they are, then they must be free to choose to be subservient and also to be domestic.

It is as simple as that.

Submission is a very demanding activity.

It requires creativity, strength of character, devotion, compassion, cleverness, humor…

More than anything else it demands maturity, for without maturity one keeps loosing one’s way.

2 thoughts on “Feminine Mystique

  1. I took a Women’s Study class when I was in college and was lucky enough to interview my grandmother for one of the assignments. She was VERY clear that being at home raising her kids rather than working in the work force was a choice she made, not one that she felt society had foisted off on her. I always was frustrated by her submissiveness toward my grandfather and saw it as a sign of weakness.

    Years (many, many years) later, I realize how very strong and brave my grandmother was in the choices she made. They weren’t easy choices, but they were HER choices. Freedom at its finest. If only we all could be so strong as she (and as mature, eh?)


    1. Your grandmother knew her heart and need didn’t she? What a good example to you! Lucky you for having her…*smiles* I am glad you said hello again! Blessings!


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