“Go make the room ready.”

I went upstairs and put linens on the massage table. I was just finishing when he came back in the room with a bottle of water for us. Kissing me, he instructed me to get naked and then lay on the table. Then he got out the flogger and gave me a relaxing, thuddy flogging. I laid there feeling muscles that were tense with overwork relax a lot. Then he began to massage me slowly, in a mesmerizing way. He had me so relaxed, I started to fall asleep. Then he got out the knife and gave me very sensual knife play. I was giggling and gasping. I began to writhe all over the table and he began to grin. He left marks on me that were still there the next day. It was wonderful…and then he began to massage again. This time I fell asleep. He woke me finally with a smart slap on my ass and asked me to turn over. Woozy and happy, I rolled over.

Kissing began and then fingering…

Which resulted in puddles under me…

We were both gleeful about that…and very, very aroused.

The ending to the story was very, very good.

As usual. *happy grins*

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