In a row without taking my netbook…

Two weekends in a row that turned into long weekends during which I relaxed without any homework or having to be online studying for anything…

Two very peaceful weekends in a row.

*happy sighs…*

Classes start again soon and I’m enjoying the down time.

Last weekend I slept and cuddled more than anything else. It was a much needed change of pace!

I got some books to consume which I’m getting to read for the sheer pleasure of it.

This coming weekend I’m going to do more relaxing…and a little bit of erotic hypnosis.

Really looking forward to that.

I may go on a little cruise on The Lake too.

Mostly, I’m going to do some more relaxing. It’s going to be another very busy semester with several demanding courses to focus on.


I look forward to the challenge, but I’m savoring the time to do not much of anything. I haven’t had any time like this in months between class time, travel time and moving twice, plus moving my stuff out of Maine.

Yeah…relaxation is all its made out to be…

Oh…and the update on the hypnosis experiment?

It seems likely that I’d have eventually been squirty…

But it seems to me that the hypnosis has helped me to relax far more deeply and far faster than I’d otherwise have been for this little adventure with my juiciness…

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