I got to do some erotic hypnosis last weekend with a kinkster who is just fabulous at it.

It left me feeling ebullient after a rather stressful start to my weekend.

Long story and for another post.

We didn’t ask our kinky friend to teach Remus because we are actually going to that workshop.

Instead our kinky friend asked what we’d like the session to focus on and some deep suggestions would be set in, with Remus’s voice saying the trigger words.

Remus wanted to increase our trust and to deepen our power exchange.

I wanted to deepen the trust between us, strengthen the cum command word we created together already and I hoped that I could get my body to increase the juiciness.

I have been experiencing gushing this summer pretty consistently with finger fucking and we wanted to increase that response and to help it happen with intercourse.

Our kinky friend suggested that perhaps my body would begin making natural lubrication again too if I asked it nicely and switched that activity on again despite nearing menopause.

We thought that would be an interesting experiment, so that suggestion was also implanted.

The initial reaction I had was to finally fully relax from the stress of my last roommy and as a result, my sex drive went back to normal immediately after the half hour session.

I felt a sense of deep well being immediately, in similar fashion to post- summer ceremony time.

I found myself feeling a bit more lubricated sometimes, but not all the time.

I found myself gushing easily when he wanted to and the orgasms upon command were deeper, harder and more like happen with finger fucking, than what they usually are.

Usually commanded orgasms are more like what happens when my skin is simulated or perhaps my nipples are pinched hard.

The changes were very subtle certainly, but I do think that over time, my body will respond more firmly and reliably to these suggestions if Remus reinforces them with conversation, with commands and with physical play.

I think that we’ll have alot of success with this particular kind of play.

I was incredibly happy to share this with Remus.

Besides all that fun, we got to do alot of fire play, fire cupping, massage and knife play this weekend, together and with others.

I enjoyed it very much!!

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