I’m bouncing around in excitement today.

I just got an email that there will be a workshop offered on Erotic Hypnosis soon which I can likely attend.

I sure hope “we” can go…

*bouncing off to do homework and thinking delicious thoughts…”

10 thoughts on “Bouncings

  1. *joins in your bouncing* I wanna go to it too… it sounds fun and it’s a kink that I been interested in for a while….


      1. LOL! I thought you’d appreciate the bouncing…. and the snorting since it’s def. making me snort…


    1. Ha!!! I’m slow. Obiwan just pointed out to me that you were talking about my boobs hitting me in the eyes. LOL! Goofy man!


  2. A wonderful thing is a Tigger;
    A Tigger’s a wonderful thing.
    Their tops are made out of rubber,
    their bottoms are made out of spring
    They’re bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,
    fun, fun, fun, fun, fun,
    The most wonderful thing
    about Tiggers is:
    I’m the only one!


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