I have come to a place that I want to mull aloud about a relationship in my life. Last week, I tried speaking more openly about that relationship and realized that I didn’t want to speak of it so clearly. I prefer to keep my feelings more private.

So here I am again. *smiles* I guess I can be fickle. *winks*

Remus is a very special person to me. I have fallen in love.

I love to spend time with him. We are very compatible. So much so, that sometimes it seems that it’s no work to be with him…

I am the quintessential Changing Woman…I love the thrill of change and transformation and challenge. Will I become restless just because the relationship doesn’t hold enough tension that causes change?

I have yearned for a peaceful, happy relationship for many years.

I finally got one and I am worried, I will grow restless. So foolish of me.

I think that the anxiety that his wife will become restless or fearful about sharing is really plenty of challenge for this friendship right now.

I am very happy.

And also feeling that something isn’t quite correct for me and I’m not sure what it is.

I don’t know if it is a habit energy or a true concern.

I’m just naming it…and waiting for more information.

There’s more to speak of, but this is enough for now.

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