Yesterday He came home for lunch and we ate a wonderful sandwich he asked me to get him at the store and then he ordered me up the stairs.

Since I’d done all he’d asked, I was rewarded with an over the knee spanking.

The fun part about this?


He likes to do intense spankings.

He’s a bit of a sadist about things, pushing the pain limits, though he wants my delight as much as his, so he doesn’t go farther with it than my body feels safe with.

He hit my pain limit though and I used my safe word.

Which he only partially responded to.

He didn’t stop spanking me;

Only lightened the impact.

It is an interesting thing to feel heard, yet have my desire to pause ignored because his whim is to keep spanking me.

It arouses us both immensely that our power exchange was shared like this today.

We both marveled about how enjoyable this is.

How easy and natural it is.

It really makes me smile…

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