Did I mention lately how much I’m enjoying Remus?

He is a naturally dominant man.

He’s quiet about it.

He doesn’t need to conquer or control every little thing.

He is diplomatic, courteous, thoughtful and kind.

But he’s in charge.

Mostly from the back of the room, but his presence influences how things go when he chooses to to exert it.

It’s a bit like looking in the mirror.

This is his first power exchange.

He’s very experienced at playing, but he’s never had a friendship with a power exchange as a defining element to it.

I can tell he’s really having fun.

When he does something really bossy-dominant with me, it amuses the hell out of him and even as he’s issuing orders, he’s laughing about it.

I enjoy that about him.

Even though he’s incredibly playful about it, I take him very seriously and enjoy the fun of obeying.

I think that’s why I enjoy obeying him so much.

He makes it fun, funny and light hearted.

Since he’s not interested in changing my nature or controlling every move I make or controlling stupid things just for the purpose of proving he’s in charge, it stays fun and happy for both of us.

So here’s today’s (by the time you read this, it was a couple days ago…oh the joys of scheduling posts…) instructions:

For today…
Make your three phone calls.
Prepare lunch for us.  The convenience store across the street has a deli.  You could order a grinder or two.  If my favorite appeals to you we can share.  If you prefer something else, go ahead and order it. My favorite is as follows:
Roast Beef and Bacon.  Crispy bacon…Cheese, hot peppers and light on the mayo, heated in the oven.  I may stop by at 9:00 as I have some banking to do. 
Wash/ Dry sheets.
Work on ever present homework.
Be prepared to head north this afternoon.

He doesn’t know it, but the sheets were already finished spinning when he arrived at 9am. *smiles* And right after he drove out of his driveway, I put them on the line to dry.

His sandwich sounds good…’cept I want some veges, so I think I’ll make another salad for lunch.

He doesn’t remember that it is my day off from homework generally so I think I’ll please him by doing some begging to get the day off…

*grins happily at the thought of his smile…*

Oh….and most everything I own is packed already, but there’s still a little bit to do which should take all of 10 minutes to gather and pop in it’s bag for home.

Whilst here this morning, he kissed and hugged me and fondled me and I immediately wanted a quickie…

“Nope. I don’t have time for that. *grinning big…* Maybe at lunch…”

~Oh boy!!!~

Maybe’s are frequently yes’s with him…


It is a fun juxtaposition to this conversation that as he was leaving, I said, “So what time will your wife be home?”

I am grateful to say that I hope she will be home before I go.

I’d like to say hi.

She’s a nice woman.

2 thoughts on “Instructions for Today

    1. I think it would make a daily routine fabulous…however, my partner’s daily routine is with his wife. My partner and I are polyamorous, so he develops routines with another very special person in his life. These kinds of interactions are treats for me…big blessings that I am very contented with. It sounds like it’s a routine thing for you though and I’m very happy for you. *smiles*


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