tumblr_me2kc4eAYS1r8bs07o1_r1_500I had a lovely day yesterday. And a very hard day. It started loverly…I got up early and took my house sitting buddy to work. Yep me and Ginny are hanging out this week. She kidnapped me. I’m enjoying spending time with her very much. In-a-way…We toddled off to her work and I went back to my apartment to unpack and repack and to check email. It was a hard thing to be there. The atmosphere is thick with dislike and fear. It felt suffocating to me…

Nevertheless I sat there and stayed present. I just sat quietly with both of us without judgement as much as I was capable. It wasn’t easy. My roommate eventually went off to some work or task. Afterward, I got my bags together and scooted out of there.

Had breakfast, spent time with a new woman friend I met a couple weeks ago during a work/camping weekend I attended. She’s a peach. I like her. We had intended to walk along the riverside, but somehow we ended up sitting. First on the rocks and then with complaints that our asses hurt, we went and dangled our feet off the board walk, chatting amiably all the while. I hope to learn to sew with her.

Then we piled in cars and went over to my submissive’s house for more girl time. My girl squirted me with the bad kitty water bottle. Guess she didn’t want any more whackings with whips this week…First she whines for more whacking and sensation play attention and then she squirts me with a water bottle the snarky wench! *smiles* We had a good time, the three of us.

Then I picked Ginny up from work and we cooked dinner together; pork steaks and a stir fry of green beans, zucchini, onion, garlic and summer squash. Mmm…

Next we put on nice dresses and went to meet a fellow she has been chatting with awhile. Nice fellow. You’d never know he wasn’t vanilla to look at and talk to him, but I could tell he would be mighty kinky if he let his guard down. Very intelligent man. I enjoyed the conversation. Afterwards Ginny and I had a snack and then piled into our snuggly spots to snooze and I was out like a light.

Here’s that Harry the title indicates…

I’m very grateful to my Ginny for having me share in the house sitting opportunity. This place feels peaceful and I’m enjoying that. Also, I am grateful to my current roommate for giving me a chance to examine how I fear and what I do about fear and how I treat people when I feel fear. I am grateful for the practice with smiling at fear and I’m super happy for how this lesson has aligned with another situation from my summer ceremony. I continued a learning process from there in the past day or so and I’m marveling today about how the lessons in life can line right up so smartly and helpfully to make a lesson sink deep.

I’m also marveling at how painful lessons used to be and how much easier they can be now because I’ve learned how to cooperate with the process so much better. Yay for that!

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