I got pissed off yesterday at my current roommate.


I’ve been pissed off at him since I first moved in there.

Yesterday, I felt anxious that things would escalate and I got snarky on him.

Of course that made it escalate.

Self fulfilling prophesy eh?

*rolls eyes at self…*

Anyhoo…let’s talk about something else.

I was feeling aggressive.

I pushed Remus trying to get a little tussle going to have some fun and burn off some of that aggressive energy.

The man started laughing and turned away.

I took that as a challenge and pushed him again.

He growled at me playfully, grabbed me for a hug and a kiss, which of course took down all my defensiveness and when I relaxed, he stuck the boxed frozen pizza we were getting ready to doctor for better taste against my back.

This causes squealing, wriggling and begging, in case you are wondering…

I decided that I wasn’t feeling so aggressive after all.


I don’t likey cold temperature play.

Which he well knows.

So later last night, he decides to stick his cold metal water bottle on my skin post coitus and make me beg him to stop, using my safe word just right.

Taking away my safe word is a recent development.

The first time he did it, I was amused to see that it didn’t bother me at all.

He doesn’t do it often, but it does usually come out of the blue and usually when I’ve had an aggressive moment.

He really does love taking away the merit of my safe word.

So picture this if you will:

Puddles of cum-soaked woman laying hot and panting on the bed, too tired to squirm away from the offending cold metal bottle, begs prettily enough for him to stop, he’s laughing his ass off.

I still don’t likey cold temperature play, but I laughed just as hard with him about demanding I beg him to stop sticking that cold thing on me.

I do love playing with Remus…

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