Hands Together Pavel Flegontov

I think I might owe folks a chatty note…

Only I’m just not feeling chatty so I don’t write.

And then I have a mood swing and all sorts of words flow…so here’s that chatty note:

The short version is I moved recently and now I need to be right out of here again on September 1st. *sighs…* Gotta be done. I wish it was working out here….but it is very, very noisy here and I don’t mind not having to deal with that, so I guess its okay with me that its not worked out for me to stay here.

I am finishing up my semester and focusing on finding a new place to live.

My friendship with Remusis so good and sweet. It is very softly shifting into a submission instead of being a Top/bottom exchange. I like it being slow. I like our friendship. It seems to be very good for both of us…

I’ve got a date today with my girl and my cat to hang out and tomorrow night I’m going to listen to Blue-Grass and have girl time. I haven’t seen Ginny in weeks. I’ve missed her alot!

My summer ceremony was very, very good.

While there, I felt a surge again for a woman lover in my life. Strongly…This seems to have happened several years running now. I get into such a very pure space there…and that is what’s flowing out of my heart then. Just sitting with that…

Life is good. Challenging and good.


4 thoughts on “Goodness

  1. Great to hear from you sweety, and glad life is good despite all the moving!

    All’s good here too.

    love and hugs xxx


    1. Oooh! it is good to hear from you too! I’m glad all is well with you. Not much longer for you now is it…? *smiles* Love you!!


  2. Sounds good, good for you to change your life for the better!’

    I am doing so as well and looking to you for inspiration.


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