I must strain to see
The few buds this old tree
Labored to open;
In pathos we’re one, and I wonder
How many more springs we’ll meet here.

– Saigyo (1118-1190)

It feels to me that this poem speaks to a part of me which has kept me company for a long time.

It is passing out of its power.

Its children are being birthed inside me.

Perhaps what follows explains that better than I could.

When we reach the ultimate
Stillness, we joyfully become
Aware that this mind of ours
Is empty, without any things,
And extends infinitely in all
Directions. It is something
Like the eternal sky,
In which clouds and wind circulate
Without stopping or reaching
An end.
It is something like the vast ocean,
Where fish and dragons undergo
Transformations without gaps
Or interruptions.
It has no inside or outside that can
Be pointed to, no motion or
Stillness that can be separated.
From ancient to modern, it all forms
A single whole.
As the saying goes, it is nowhere
And everywhere.

– Luo Hongxian (1504-1564)

I saw Alice In Wonderland with Jonny Depp on netflix the other night.

I liked the Mad Hatter’s happy dance.

A study in delight!

I love delight…

I think that its the most refined, most heart opened expression of gratitude.

What would the world be like should we delight in our lives?

Gratitude is beautiful and perfect.

Delight is a direct expression of the bliss body or kosha that is in the center of our being.

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