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6 thoughts on “Cracking Eggs

  1. I never tire of reading these posts and for the insight it gives me into this beautiful woman. Happy Birthday (again!)

    Sign me…Obiwan


  2. I read this a few days ago….

    I am glad that everything is coming together even if its happened slowly…. I think you’ll be fine. It’s just a gut feeling I have.



    1. It is coming together, slow but sure. I think things will be just fine too. Life is good. My major bump in the road today, if you could call it that is a need to go to the walk in clinic to get my thumb boo-boo checked. Seems infected since my thumb is hot all the way to my palm and things don’t look the right color. I think there’s still splinter in there. I’ve dug in to it. Obiwan has dug in there and I have again. Can’t see anything, but there must be something in there. Fanny Allen’s getting a visit, as soon as its open. *sighs…* I hate sitting in waiting rooms for docs. Guess that’s what a book is for…Hope you have a good day!!


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