The man actually threatened to not let me go to an event I’ve looked forward to for months if I didn’t get my homework done today and tomorrow…


I’m not blinking because he had the audacity to dictate to me about anything.

I’m blinking because I just accepted that he had the authority to do that.

And that he’d follow through.

It’s interesting to me to see my response to this man.

I feel so relaxed about everything with him it is easy to do what he wants.

Besides, I like getting my home work done.

Besides that?

He’s bigger than me.

And I’m fairly sure that his wife and her boyfriend wouldn’t give me a ride to the event.

Under the bus I’d go…


4 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. I really don’t like this.

    It makes me angry, as both a switch for one lover and a permanent servant for my other lover.

    I am of the opinion that a “Master” should have a “disciple” first, a “friend” second, a “lover” third, and a “servant” fourth of all, meaning that the first three needs should be meet before the final one.


    1. Well gee heartnotes, I guess I am not particularly concerned about doing things according to your opinion, but you are certainly entitled to think whatever you like about power exchange…This is how we are choosing to conduct our power exchange, which is neither instant, nor planned, nor free for you to disapprove of and chastise me about. As we are quite happy with things so far, I think that’s all that need be said about it….beyond I wish you joy of your relationship sincerely and generously…and remind you that I am NOT a slave, nor a submissive. I am a dominant giving submission to someone I respect and who respects me. Blessings.


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