Thank you

Thank you Self…

Thank you for each time you do something loving for yourself.

Thank you for picking good friends.

Thank you for keeping Mr. Norris healthy and for finding a warm loving place to live in the past year.

Thank you for picking a wise teacher and wise friends.

Thank you for picking a good man.

Thank you for Love.

Thank you for my children and for my brother and aunt.

Thank you for my brother’s words.

Thank you for the chastity and for the love-making.

Thank you Papa for the strength you gave me.

Thank you Grace for the healing you bestowed me.

Thank you Mother for showing me the way…

Thank you Grace for the path put before me.

I am so blessed by this feast.

How can mere words describe what I am given when so much of it rests inside and out of sight?

I hope that the sparkle in my eyes, the willingness to smile, the laughter I’m so quick with gives witness to all of it…

2 thoughts on “Saying Grace

  1. The sparkle in your beautiful eyes, your easy willing smile and laugh, yes this is you. I am grateful to have met you and cherish our time together. Thank you for being you!


    1. You put a smile in me full being yanno…You do know you are a blessing in my life…? Yes?
      You are.
      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being you.


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