A funny story…

When my son was little, we had a young woman for an upstairs neighbor. After my son’s father and I split up, she and my son and I spent a lot of supper times together. She was a lonely college student and I was a lonely mommy. We were both kind of poor, so we ate lots of mac cheese and hot dogs together over the year or two we were neighbors. She took a shine to my son, who was precocious and precious and a challenge to everyone in his life in ways that made all better I think.

She taught him two very silly things that have become a part of our family culture of jokes.

One day, she and my son were having a birthday party. She had so much fun with his birthday, I’m not sure that for her it wasn’t also hers. Their joy in each other was hilarious and one of the best moments of my life. I remember now that with her mouth full of cake, she was playing see food and then suddenly she she put her hands on each cheek and and all cakey and squished together, she say, “Chubby Bunny!” My son and I were so amused by that, we nearly fell out of our chairs. It looks hilarious. Do it in the mirror…Ga’ head. I’ll wait…

K…so obviously that joke was a keeper.

All these years later, he will still occasionally grab my face and hollar, “Do it!” because he wants me to say Chubby Bunny for him. Now he reserves it for times he wants me to get over being irritated with him or forget a momentary sadness. The boy has grown into a man when it comes to handling women it seems. *smiles*

The other thing my young neighbor friend taught my son is, “One Big Eyeball!” Foreheads together, you can only see one eye on the face of the person pressed against you. Looks kinda silly and it never fails to make the child inside giggle too.

The family history with these two incredibly silly games is long and full of laughter…I could go on another six paragraphs easy…but the point of the story this time is that recently, I was feeling really lonesome for my family and especially my sons. I lay in my play partner’s arms in the past few weeks and told him some of the many stories about my family’s joke culture and enjoyed the retelling to new laughter.

Ever since then, he’s become a part of the jokes, playing with me…especially with the one big eyeball joke…

It inspired the use of his profile here for comments…knowing it would make me laugh.

He’s a sweet gift in my life. *smiles*

5 thoughts on “One Big Eyeball

  1. I love how sharing those moments from the past with Master allow me to keep grounded and connected to my journey, while allowing Master to share and become a part of the joys of growing the baby into the man he is now. It makes my heart glow when he remembers the stories and brings them up at the right moment. He’s also a doll (or is that Doll? lol) for allowing to me to tell them in the first place. Knowing that He’s willing to learn of the times before He was in O/our lives is such a blessing.
    He easily adopted such things as:
    “pudkins” (you know, what you make jack-o-lanterns out of.)
    “can you say dat a widdle wouder?” (you know, when you can’t hear someone who is speaking to you.)
    and quite a few others that He has embraced as lovingly as He embraced me and my son, His son in so many ways more meaningful than the biological.

    What a blessing that others allow us to keep special past memories alive, even when they aren’t part of THEIR past.



    1. Hello Tapestry!

      Lovely to hear from you as usual…*smiles* How wonderful to share the joy of family culture and to celebrate the specialness of the men in our lives. Your Master sounds a blessing.


    1. Hello perfect and wonderful friend…Glorious Memorial Day isn’t it? I love all your family happiness culture. You’ve shared it so many times…I sure do love you!!!


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