Fleur-de-lis on my black and white mug
Borrowed and full of sage tea,
I scribble a day’s prose, thinking of the words, “You will write.”
You will write the potentials of self blessing, of cranes eyes in mirrors,
Might I also write of the night’s shadow warrior who visits me last night with a kiss?
The Buddha’s heart between us…
Can these green days of spring glow more brightly even with a change?
I think not most times
Change cycles and I embrace it gladly as the emanation of this moment.
What grace this and all moments hold is so boundless, incomprehensible
And yet I contain it all in a breath, a sigh, a kiss, a smile…
And I say Happy Sunny Day!
It matters not the rain, matters not the pain.
These transient things never dim the majesty and reality of the sun rising in my ordinary life,
I tell it as I may.
If any listen I have constancy for life
I love life.
I love you and you and even you whom I do not know.
I love the stone and the whistling tones of red birds pecking at my window.
I love the touch of the tree’s branch as it bends in the wind to bless me when I fear
I love even the loss and the lost
I hope to tumble the slope of the mountain.
I hope to scale down its top most peak and find myself right beside all of us
I hope some day to kiss the lips of peaceful bliss
And to hold my friend inside me
I hope to write of each you see
I hope that life is what it is then
As it is now
Sweetness it be.
© 2011

6 thoughts on “Sweetness

    1. *grins* Well I guess I better send you a note so the dream will come true. Love to you…And though I”m struggling with some uncertainty and the attendant fears the past couple days, I am doing well…life is sweet and good. Hugs….


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