I stepped away from my desk this week. Just felt quiet and didn’t really want to be online much. I napped. I cleaned. I did errands. Did yoga and dance. Helped out friends. Spent time with friends. I had a few nice conversations. I sorted through books and picked out a slinky, sexy dress to wear out Saturday night. It showed off my legs and a little cleavage and was generally figure hugging. I looked pretty good….

Life has been quiet. My roomy and I are starting to pack up for our move. We’ve discovered that there’s no available storage units in the area we live. None. If we’re to get any they will be out of the city. That will certainly be a tad bit inconvenient for me, since I’m carless. One of the many dilemmas I have no idea how to solve just this moment. Hopefully solutions will seem obvious. I”m going to have to give the matter some serious thought in the next couple weeks and line up answers as best I may.

I’ve been enjoying some time with my play partner. He’s been sharing knife play with me and the occasional spanking, fire play and flogging. Yummy…I’m feeling very happy about that. We didn’t get any time to play this weekend. I was wiped out and we had social engagements. I kept falling asleep on the poor man today too. *shrugs* Haven’t slept well in about a week. I kept waking up at 3am. Way too early to be up.

I did some pondering after some conversation with my spiritual teacher recently. She redirected me toward the areas of my heart and life that still need tending to and away from stuff I’ve been feeling fabulously happy about. I was having fun with my happy place…and I still am very, very happy, but am now more conscious of the places I feel pain still. What a drag. I don’t wanna look at the other things that still keep me limited, but I do have to do it…I have been irritable this week. A bit grouchy. Happy still. Grateful. Smiling…but grouchy too.

I’ve sat under my birch tree a good bit lately. It is so beautiful with its new green leaves and beautiful peeling bark. I’ve sat out back with the mossy yard on my back patio doing some meditations lately too. Life is good and my Mr Norris cat things so too. He had a grand time running in and out of the house all day because my play partner was here all day and kept the doors open alot.

And now school is back in session. I’ve got a new online class system called Moodle. What an utterly stupid name…but it does make for some fun jokes. I’m sure they will get boring quick though. It is all new and I’m not sure where everything is. I’ve got alot to do and the internet has been down much of the day off and on. I spent an hour on the phone trying to sort it out only to find that it was an outage in my area. What an utter waste of time! It irritated me. *shrugs*

I am still chaste. I’m content with that, though there’s moments when I want sex intensely.

My play partner asked me for a hand and my company…my company more than anything else…on a mission to lend him a hand with a volunteer project he’s doing tomorrow. It involves some grunt work, which sounds good to me. I suggested that he show up early to gimme a beating. I haven’t had a good spanking in a week. Nor a moment to enjoy his knife play either. He smiled at me and remarked how fun that sounded. No promises though. Just a “we’ll see.” Makes me want to get to bed so I can find out what he’ll do. *smiles*

So…Off to bed with me. I’m up too late again…*rolls eyes*

4 thoughts on “Weekend’s Fun

  1. Thank you once again for this. I am going through a similar period of self-discovery and your posts have been very informative. I admire your vow of chastity: I have been having too much fun to obey it.

    It’s odd, when switching, sex seems like the most ordinary normal thing. In terms of pleasure, it’s not the highest but in terms of affection, it’s kind of like a big hug and then a cuddle.


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