The other day I wrote about emotional virginity very briefly. I admit it’s hardly more than a mention really. I still feel virginity in me emotionally even though I dipped my toe into the sexual waters last week. It was a good choice for me to be more than sensual…It was lovely to share the erotic me with someone who is kind and a very good friend.

And still that privacy and specialness is in me.

I feel blessed by it.

I’m savoring it.

It’s making me smile.

I’m not even sure I can put it to words.

I want to try though.

I think its born of really loving myself enough to hold my body private until there’s enough love to make it holy.

I seem to be smiling so much lately.

I found this quote I love right now:

“Delight, in itself, is the approach of sanity.

Delight is to open our eyes to the reality of the situation rather than siding with this or that point of view.”
from Chögyam Trungpa

The Myth of Freedom and the Way of Meditation

In a round-about fashion, I found this post on polyamory and thought it was interesting.

I am still feeling that the privacy of monogamy is going to be my preference for that time in my life when another life partnership takes up residence in my heart…

But it seems that my life style is taking me into polyamory more often than not in present moments.

It simply fits being single.

It feels really good right now too.

My play partner is coming tonight.

We’ve got plans for including my roommy Ginny in tonight’s play.

I want to learn how to give fire cupping, so we’re going to have dinner together and then light her up.

And then likely retire to the bedroom for some focus on just each other.

He wrote to me three times yesterday and one thing he said that made me smile so much is that Friday was too far away.

That would make any woman feel fabulous.

*happy grins*

And I have to agree with him.

I missed him yesterday and I am watching the clock for the time he’ll arrive.

4 thoughts on “Notes from the Va’jay-jay

  1. Watching the clock as well. I’ve had a fabulous day at work so far. Looking forward to it continuing this evening, albeit in a much different way.



  2. Wishing you a beautiful evening… it’s so good to see you smile so much lately, sweet friend. ((big hugs))


    1. I had a fabulous evening Louise. I’m really enjoying my friend…and I’m enjoy you saying hello of late too. It is soooo good to hear from you. Love you!!!


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